Blues Classes

Weekly Classes every Wednesday evening!

Blues dances are a family of dances originated in Afro-American communities at the beginning of the 20th century. Like the music, the dances are diverse and soulful.

Classes will be taught in English (German translation available).

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We offer weekly classes of blues every Wednesday evening. The basics of blues dancing are covered in the first Class and we then move on to some more challenging and playful variations in the second Class. See class descriptions for additional details.

Schedule Studio

19:40: Check-in
19:45 – 20:45: Class I – Blues Basics
20.45 – 21.45: Class II – Blues Challenge

April block (5.04, 12.04, 19.04, 26.04): Ochos in blues

Mai block (3.05, 10.05,17.05, 24.05): Juckin’ styles

June block (31.05, 7.06, 14.06,21.06 & 28.06 ): TBD

Class Description

We start each class with solo blues movements and warm-up exercises before moving to the topic of the day. During class, we encourage you to switch roles, especially in Blues Basics so you will experience and learn from both views.

Class I – Blues Basics: In this class, we will focus on the fundamentals of different kinds of blues dancing, from the basic steps, to various forms of connections (open, close and closed embrace) and simple moves. Whether you have never danced blues before, or you want to drill down on your basics, you are welcome to join!

Class II – Blues Challenge: In this class, we will focus on more challenging and playful moves and rythms, drilling down on specific blues idioms. Good knowledge of blues basic steps, rhytms, connection, stretch and compression is required. Are you up for the challenge?

If you do not know which class to choose, please reach out to us!

It is also possible to join both classes if you want to refresh your basics.


Once you sign up, you will get an email with payment information.

Whole block (4 x 1) Studio Class 60min:
80CHF regular / 65CHF reduced

Single Studio Class 60min:
25CHF regular / 20CHF reduced or international

Your teachers

Bianca, Roland and Limi

Bianca has more than 15 years of experience in different dance styles, but it’s in 2016 that she became addicted to swing and blues dancing, and started to travel to festivals all over Europe. Since then she has taught locally in Italy and Switzerland and in some international events.

Roland has been dancing Swing and Blues for almost 10 years. He is passioned about music, rythms and movements. He sees Blues dancing as a conversation between two partners based on the common alphabet of music and the gramatic rules of body language.

Limi has been enjoying Blues since a young age and when he discovered Blues Dancing in 2017 he was immediately hooked. After coming back to Zurich from Austrialia he joined “Blues and More” with the goal to bring the joy of Blues dancing to as many people as possible.

All our teachers want to share their passion for the magic of blues dancing with you. Our goal is to get more people addicted to blues and our mantra is to focus about feeling good in the dance. Starting from finding a good connection with your partner up to inventing fancy new dance moves on your own.

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Registrations are open for the next block

Backstage Studio

The studio is well reachable from Hardplatz or Hardbrücke.
The entrance is on a delivery ramp, the stairs are on the righthand side.

Backstage Studio

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