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Blüesli with Krystal & Adam | 18-20 October 2024

We are super excited to have Krystal and Adam back in Switzerland! Maybe some of you remember them when they thaught at Blossom Blues 2019?

Together they have been teaching swing and blues since 2009, but have been focusing on blues instruction since 2014. Krystal’s passion for the dance is apparent in her teaching style: upbeat, personal, encouraging, and energetic. Adam’s experience teaching math makes his style more analytical and minutiae-oriented. Together, they balance out as an effective partnership, keen to instruct any group, and their collective passion for the dance is evident!

They are passionate about teaching not only techniques of blues dance, but also in grounding that work in history. They start with the music and work from there in their lessons, but they also really enjoy digging deep on precise techniques. They love teaching Ballroomin’, but got a real passion for Southern Blues, so Struttin’ and Piedmont have a huge place in their hearts. Adam is from Mississippi originally, after all.


Check out some of their videos!


2 days workshop


Friday and Saturday

Live music TBA


Stay tuned for the registrations


Ella’s Fellas dance studio


2 parties & 2 full days of classes

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